Machine Details
Automatic Flow Packaging Machine VD-3000R

VD-3000R Automatic Flow Packaging Machine
1. Automatic flow wrapping machine for chotolate bar、tables、biscuits、wafers、nougat、sponge cake、jellies、crackers、gum etc.
2. High-performance servo motor control.
3. Sealing control by AC servo motor,wide range adjustment of film feeding length.
4. Film feeding control by servo motor,mechanical ratio automatic recognition,improve the accuracy and speed of film register.
5. Data adjust by tough screen,convenient of HMI interface,indicate and detect malfunction the machine automatic detect and adjust the wrapping speed according to condition of products feeding,saving wrapping film.

Machine Specifications

Product size:

Width: 15 mm – 50 mm

Length: 55 mm  – 140 mm

Thickness: 5 mm – 30 mm

Wrapping metrial:


Drive motor:

7.8 KW (AC 380V 50HZ)

Maximum speed:

800 pcs / minutes

Net weight of the machine:

2300 kg

Machines size:

12035 mm x 1401 mm x 1590 mm


Additional devices

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