Machine Details
Multiformat Tilted Packaging Machine

Machine maintains a fixed inclined angle of 35º although this angle may be regulated if required.

The packaging machine keeps breakage at a minimum while increasing productivity. It is specially recommended for delicate food ítems such as: muffins, chocolate, iced products etc., and for long products or for all types of product in general where there is a risk of damage while falling from the hopper to the bag.

This is a multiformat packaging machine which admits the most common bag types: pillow type or block bottom pillow.

Machine Specifications


  • Chassis finish: AISI-316 stainless steel and anodized aluminium.
  • Maximum output: 110 cycles/min
  • Dimensions (mm): 2642 x 1592 x 1799 mm.
  • Approximate weight: 825 kg
  • Maximum reel width: 780 mm
  • Maximum reel diameter: 400 mm
  • Diameter of reel mandrel: 75 mm
  • Type of protection: IP 55
  • Power supply: 230/400VCA
  • Air consumption: 12 NI/cycle
  • Energy consumption: 5.5 KVA
  • Bag width: (min-max): 50-350 mm
  • Bag length (min-max): 40-500 mm
  • Adjustable inclination of 0º to 35º by means of spindle motor operated from control panel.


  • Equipped with the latest electronic and servo drive technology (Rockwell).
  • Servo drives on the pulling system and the sealing jaws.
  • BUS ETHERNET interface control.
  • 10” colour touch screen.
  • Incorporated Motion control drive systems.
  • Conveyor system powered by Becker vacuum pumps.
  • FESTO Pneumatics.
  • Temperature, time and sealing pressure controlled from touch screen.
  • Ability to memorize formats. Easy, quick change-over of forming parameters.
  • Display in several languages.


  • Safety system around jaw sealing unit.
  • Block bottom system.
  • Tilted tray at product output.
  • Macular detector for centering the length of the bag.
  • Manual coil alignment adjustable from the control panel.

Additional devices

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